Why choose a Montessori?

The Benefits Of A Montessori Education:

A common misconception is that Montessori techniques are very ‘disciplinarian’ and ‘force’ a child to learn – this is in fact the total opposite of the teaching methods developed by Dr Maria Montessori !

Dr Montessori developed her original teaching concepts back in the early 1920’s whilst working with children in Rome. Her methods have stood the test of time whilst other teaching methods were relatively short-lived.

Essentially her teaching methods are based around approaching an “educational” task in a manner that appeals to the child so that the child is not conscious of the fact that they are “learning”.

Each task is performed in an ordered sequence. These sequences develop concentration skills and at the same time encourage independence. This is achieved through the use of the special Montessori equipment whereby each exercise becomes “self correcting” to the child.

The approach used in these exercises rapidly becomes second nature to the child and ultimately leads to “top to bottom” and “left to right” becoming the unconscious norm for a child – skills which form the basis of reading, writing and arithmetic.

A pupil is encouraged to “choose” an activity from a wide range of Montessori equipment and then carry out the “exercise” under the supervision of a Montessori teacher.

In our Montessori we also use a range of open-ended specialist play equipment to further encourage the children’s individual learning patterns.